About Seattle Anti-Freeze

One's first impression, after moving to Seattle, is often "gosh people are friendly here." On the second impression, people start to say "is it just me, or is it really hard to meet people?" Despite the politeness of Seattlelites, the city has a reputation for being cold to newcomers - so much so that the Seattle Times referred to this phenomenon as the Seattle Freeze.

Seattle Anti-Freeze is tackling this phenomenon with private theme parties. We rent out a bar or a boat, hire a DJ and throw a theme party exclusively for its members. For those who want more than drinking and dancing, Seattle Anti-Freeze also organizes running groups, ski trips, and volunteer activities. Because every guest is required to bring someone of the opposite gender, all their parties have an even male/female ratio - something few Seattle bars can say.

Hosts: Gayle Laakmann McDowell (gayle at seattleantifreeze.com) and Scott Weaver
Frequently Asked Questions
Where did the name "Seattle Anti-Freeze" come from?
"Seattle Freeze" refers to Seattlelites being polite but never really inviting you out. We're here to change that. Come on out to one of our parties - and invite your friends!
Is this a singles thing?
Nope. Many party go-ers do happen to be single, but lots are coupled.
Why the opposite gender rule?
We require everyone to bring a friend of the opposite sex. The reason is simple: parties with an even male/female are more fun for everyone. It doesn't have to be a date - anyone of the opposite gender will do!
Who is the typical party go-er?
While it's impossible to classify completely, in the past, most people are professionals in their 20s and early-30s.
How do I sign up?
Simple - add your name here.
Can I invite my friends?
Yes, please do! If you send them the evite, they will be included on future events.
What is the mimimum age?
All guests must be 21 or older.